Patient visits / yr.

Trusted by thousands of Patients and Clinicians

Average saving / yr.

Reduce hospitalizations, transportation and facility charges

Decrease in infection and amputation rates

Consistent Physician-led bedside care

Decrease wound related hospitalization

Quality care in the post-acute setting

Decrease wound healing times

Quicker resolution through team-based care


Specialty trained experts


Learn more about a career with Vohra today.

We offer wound care physician roles across the U.S.

  • Competitive pay, personal autonomy, more flexibility, and greater professional satisfaction
  • Support from a community of over 250 specialized post-acute Physicians
  • We are growing nationwide and always looking for dedicated, talented physicians to join our group and help us deliver our healing mission

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  • Mission

    Led by physicians, Vohra is dedicated to optimizing outcomes, preventing hospitalizations and reducing costs through a culture of quality, value, partnership, and innovation

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  • Facilities

    Selected by thousands of Skilled Nursing Facilities nationwide, Vohra provides compassionate, bedside wound care and wound care dressings at no cost to the facility

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  • Education

    Vohra Physicians have developed our practical, online wound care education and certification program. Enroll now to learn key wound care skills, and deliver better patient outcomes

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  • Jose Perez

    Jose Perez


    “This job is very rewarding. We can actually make our patients lives better.”

  • Virginia Killoren

    Virginia Killoren


    “Vohra became the perfect fit for my career. I’m surprised about how much I enjoy wound care and how fulfilling it is.”

  • Hayriye Gok

    Hayriye Gok


    “I see a great potential in the company. Our company truly strives towards progress and perfection. I am extremely proud to work for Vohra Wound Physicians.”

  • Rizwan Kalwar

    Rizwan Kalwar


    “Working with Vohra Wound Physicians allows me to make a meaningful difference during this difficult time in our patients’ lives. Additionally, the unique opportuniti to work independently as a consultant allows for time to spend with my family.”

About Vohra

Experience, expertise, and commitment to excellence are the driving forces behind Vohra’s continuing growth since our founding in 2000. Today, Vohra is recognized as the global thought leader in wound care management.

Vohra is the largest and most active physician wound management group in the US delivering over a million patient encounters per year.

Our comprehensive wound management solutions include:

  • Standardized, best practice physician services
  • Creation and certification of Wound Care Centers of Excellence
  • Development of proprietary technologies like the first ever wound healing predictive algorithm
  • Online education and certification programs