Working at Vohra

Clinical Practice

Vohra physicians visit their assigned facilities once a week. Typically, a Vohra clinician visits three buildings in a day with an aim to record 20 to 25 patient encounters. Physicians set their schedule in collaboration with our facility partners. The day generally starts and finishes early. Driving distances between facilities vary greatly according to location.

Each encounter is recorded in our proprietary electronic health care record (EHR), which provides clinical decision support and computer-assisted billing and coding. Our central team handles all billing, collections, and payer relations.

By seeing each patient on a consistent basis as medically necessary, our physicians are able to use their specialist wound care training to develop and implement a specific healing plan in cooperation with the Skilled Nursing Facilities’ wound care team.

Continuous Training

Our most experienced Vohra physicians provide each new physician with specialized training throughout the time with the organization. This starts during the onboarding process with three weeks of didactic and field-based training with a current experienced Physician.

Once starting to see patients, a Vohra physician enters our year-long Fellowship Program. Our Fellowship Directors engage one-on-one to provide training and support.

Ongoing training and development include peer-led shared learning sessions and our annual conference, where we gather to share the latest developments and update our skills. Recent sessions included breakouts ranging from practicing bone debridement techniques to understanding leadership styles and how to best support facilities.


Our physicians are linked to a virtual network of support. Accessible resources include:

  • Physician support hotline for asking urgent clinical questions throughout the work day
  • Staff support to coordinate facility relationships, including expanding to new practices
  • Billing and collections to ensure that our Vohra Physicians can focus on treatment
  • IT Helpdesk for any technical issues
  • Legal support if ever needed
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We utilize technology throughout Vohra to meet our mission. Our Physicians are trained extensively on our proprietary Electronic Health Record (EHR), which is developed in house by a Physician-led team.

We regularly update the system to improve ease-of-use and functionality and meet all Meaningful Use and MIPS reporting requirements. We invest and develop new technologies such as our Artificial Intelligence-based mobile wound healing predictor.

Combining Practices

Many of our physicians combine working at Vohra with other medical roles, for example managing a Plastic Surgery practice, Emergency Medicine or General Surgery.

We help our physicians develop individualized work schedules which best fit their needs. Employed physicians, though, must commit to Vohra for at least two days a week, and they should be the same days each week.

Advance Practice Nurses

Vohra employs Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners in select locations across the country. We look for skilled nurses with deep expertise and passion for wound care, an ability to operate independently and, over time, a willingness to move to a fee-for-service model. To see our current openings please click here.