Wound Care Dressing Program

Our latest innovation in wound care combines the expertise of our bedside physicians with the order and delivery of the exact dressings they determine are medically necessary. 

Vohra is committed to optimizing outcomes and reducing costs for our patients and our partners.  Our dressing program ensures the dressings recommended and ordered by our physician are delivered to the patient within 24-48 hours of the physician’s visit. 

  • Delays in treatment are eliminated, the dressings are ordered promptly and delivered quickly
  • Excess dressings and waste are reduced – Your Vohra physician reviews progress with each weekly consult and modifies treatment as necessary
  • Compliance with care plans and physician orders are vastly improved – The specialist treating is the one prescribing
  • Reduced paperwork, decreased charting time and better adherence to evidence-based care practices – The dressings order is a part of the medical record and the notes received by each facility at the end of rounds

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See what DDP facilities are saying

  • Fulton Manor Care Center in MO


    “We were using another provider before and supplies were taking between 2 and 3 weeks. With the Vohra program, we get them the very next day!”

    Director of Nursing

  • Peak Resources Gastonia in NC


    “We are actually really happy, we get the right amount and the correct supplies every time”

    Wound Care Nurse

  • Azalea Woods in SC


    “Very impressed with turnaround time, dressings get to us the very next day.” Director of Nursing

    Director of Nursing