Vohra Advantages

Vohra’s superior outcomes are validated in a comprehensive analysis comparing our care to other approaches.


Wound Physician Specialists

Thoroughly trained in the specialty field of wound care


Support Staff

Servicing all sites and physicians through dedicated, regionally-focused Customer Relationship Managers


joint QAPI assessments a year

Providing regular monthly reviews and quantifiable opportunities to improve clinical care and efficiency


Potential PDPM improvement

Helping more accurately assess and document wounds, resulting in appropriate RUGs and reimbursement


decrease in wound-related hospitalization

Providing consistent care, reducing healing time, and lowering infection and amputation rates


Patient visits a year

Accessing the leading, post-acute wound care group

Vohra is a Technology Enabled Physician Platform

Our Clinicians are uniquely supported by proprietary technologies helping to drive innovation, integration, communication, quality and efficiency.